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Safety First | Trusted Environment | Verified Profiles | Embracing Diversity

"Dots transformed our social life, connecting us with fantastic neighbors and turning our community into a close-knit family!"

Kate D.

Add dots to your family's social circles

Connect with individual families or engage in real-life community hangouts, creating shared experiences with like-minded families.

dots social app for families wellbeing

Our vision is to improve the wellbeing of families through the power of community.

Operating in 40 destinations worldwide

where to go with friends
Connect and chat with families on dots app
Reach and diverse family profile on dots app
Community hangouts or families on dots app
Diverse families on dots social app



Connect with like-minded families nearby

Join or host informal real-life community hangouts


Seamlessly connect, coordinate and share

Family Profile

Showcase your family’s interests, values and uniqueness

Want to meet families like you?

Download Dots App and add more dots to your family’s social circles

is now

new name for IT'S July company is now dots app

If you already have an account with IT'S July, we will let you know soon when our Dots App is ready for you! Stay tuned.

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