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In a fast-paced digital age, Dots emerges as a beacon of meaningful connections. Our story unfolds at the intersection of innovation and human connection. Recognizing the essential value of robust social ties, we envisioned a platform that transcends the virtual realm, bringing families together through shared experiences, shared values, and shared joy.

meeting new family friends with dots app

Dots is more than an app; it's a commitment to building communities that resonate with inclusivity and diversity. Whether you seek to add dots to your family’s social circles or join community hangouts with like-minded families, Dots provides access to a community where families connect and share in the pursuit of genuine connections. Through cutting-edge matching technologies and community events, we offer families a space to forge authentic connections, whether through one-on-one interactions or the lively embrace of community hangouts.

Join us at Dots and become part of a collective journey where every family contributes to the vibrant tapestry of connections. Together, we celebrate the beauty of diverse narratives and weave the fabric of communities that thrive on genuine, heartfelt connections.

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At Dots, we are driven by a singular vision: to enhance the wellbeing of families by expanding their social circles and fostering an enduring sense of belonging.

Want to meet families like you?

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Where families connect and communities thrive

Our values

We prioritize the mental and emotional wellbeing of both children and adults, showing a commitment to holistic growth.


We foster a supportive community among families, extending beyond digital interactions, highlighting the importance of cooperation and mutual support.


We embrace diversity, ensuring equal opportunities for all families to belong and thrive, emphasizing fairness and equal treatment.

Diversity & Inclusivity

We commit to exploring innovative ways to enhance connections and belonging, staying at the forefront of technological advancements.


We prioritize creating a secure digital space where families connect with confidence, knowing their privacy is our utmost priority.

Safety & Trust

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