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Elevate social experience for families in your organization with 'My Community' functionality.

dots a social app for families

'My Community'

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Where families connect and communities thrive. 

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What is             ?

Dots is an app dedicated to improving the wellbeing of families by expanding their social circles, enabling like-minded families to meet and connect. With Dots, families can discover like-minded connections through one-on-one interactions and also engage in vibrant community space for hosting and joining informal real-life hangouts, fostering shared experiences with other families nearby. 

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Signature solution for organizations by          

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What awaits with 'My Community'

enable families within an organization to connect
dots for businesses my community hangouts
dots for businesses solution to elevate communities

Enable like-minded families in your organization to connect

Join or host exclusive hangouts for your community

Apply 'My Community' filter when exploring families or hangouts

Do we fit in?

My Community by Dots will enable you to offer a unique and innovative service that sets your organization apart. Families within your organization will be drawn to the opportunity to form a community and connect with like-minded families, creating a tighter-knit and more supportive environment for everyone involved.


Do you want families in your organization to easily connect and form a vibrant community with meaningful connections? Whether you're sharing heritage in your community, sparking creativity in your cultural center, building friendships in your parents' club, or nurturing school bonds, ‘My Community’ by Dots will work like magic.

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