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4 Reasons Why Family Vacations are Important for Our Children’s Personal Growth

Updated: Feb 13

Traveling has nearly limitless benefits; one of those great benefits is creating happy memories for our children. As we spend more time on family vacations, our family bonds and forms deeper connections.

Over time, these happy memories will form happiness anchors that will act as formative moments in our children’s lives. Happiness anchors are times of pure happiness that can help ground us and make our daily lives more stable and more interesting. Children with happiness anchors can call upon these joyful times in times of stress and get relief from these memories.

Now that we understand the importance of happiness anchors, let’s discuss a few reasons why family vacations are an excellent way to form them.

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1. Family Vacations Build Strong Relationships

The best family bonding vacations are when we develop a deeper, more meaningful relationship. When families take the time to go on vacations together, there is always plenty of family relationship building. With lots of time spent on various methods of transportation, downtime at the hotel, and time exploring, our family members are bound to create stronger relationships with one another. As travelers in new destinations, families will experience new things and see cultural sights to share and discuss.

2. Spend Quality Time with The Kids

With technology playing such an important role in our lives, it can be difficult to spend true quality time with one another, even if we see each other often. However, taking time off from work and other responsibilities, to spend quality time traveling with our family, can help form positive memories. These positive memories are significant to our children’s personal growth. When traveling, try to be present in the moment and refrain from using your phone or other electronics for long periods.

3. Find The Good Even When Things Seem Bad

While most family vacations are enjoyable, very few go according to plan. But just because there may be a few hiccups along the way, doesn’t mean the whole trip is ruined. In fact, showing our children the importance of making the most out of every situation, is also an important lesson to be learned. Dealing with unpleasant situations can also help improve communication skills between family members. Most of the time, even if there is a ‘bad’ situation to deal with, the family can end up reflecting fondly on the situation and laugh about it later.

4. Create Memories to Last a Lifetime

Family vacations can be an exciting way to create wonderful memories together. When you reflect on your family vacations, you will remember all the funny situations, inside jokes, and unique experiences you tried or learned about. When going on vacation, be sure to take lots of photos and videos to help you remember some of the greatest moments with the family. Your children will always cherish these memories.

Enhance Happiness Anchors

Family vacations not only build life long memories, they also break your family away from the usual routine, opening your minds to new experiences, cultures, and foods, and according to research they are even good for your health!

Enjoy your vacation ☀️

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